Pursuing My Passion


On student panel of “Future Health Care Providers” episode of Health Matters sharing why I chose to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Being a late adopter and falling on the lower end of the technologically savvy spectrum, I never thought I would be able to start my own blog and admired those who did.  I have always been intimidated by technology.  Combine that with a fear of failure and what do you get?… paralysis, repression and stagnation.  Almost 2 years ago I made the decision to give up my steady paycheck, benefits and my cushy apartment to once again become a broke college student and move back in with my parents, but most importantly to follow my dream of becoming a registered dietitian.  To find out why, click here to watch (start at 5:39).  Making such a drastic life change at 24 years old, I thought “this would be a perfect time to start a blog” and I wrote my first blog entry ever (click here read it).  Unfortunately, that was my first and only blog entry until eight months later.  And guess what happened after I wrote my second entry?  If you said nothing, you guessed it!  That became my second and last blog entry – until now.  I got so lost and caught up in the chaos of life that I wasn’t living (that’s a whole other story for another time).  Fast forward, now I’m preparing to finish my didactic program in dietetics this May, and I will eventually complete my dietetic internship and sit for and pass the National Registration Exam (yes, I’m putting it in the universe – law of attraction, anyone?).  Someone who has been very influential in my life told me the journey is just as important as the destination.  So now that you know where I’m headed, you probably already guessed that this blog will be about my journey.  I plan to encounter self-expression, self-discovery and growth along the way.  Care to join me?


4 thoughts on “Pursuing My Passion

  1. You are going to make an amazing Dietitian!! I know that many people will be helped by you to reach their goals. I applaud you on making the decision to follow your passion. Many people wake up daily regretting that they did not do something more satisfying with their lives, but I know that you will not be counted among them.

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