Naylor Nutrition Nerd
Maryland, Washington D.C.

Bio: I am on a journey to finding fulfillment in the fruits of my labor by marrying my passion with my profession - well, soon-to-be profession. A former biotechie, I left the world of research and development to pursue my dream of becoming a registered dietitian. I am a lover of all things health and wellness and I realized not too long ago that I am happiest when I am at my healthiest. That happiness is complemented by genuine fulfillment when I help others in their journeys to health and wellness. My life while on this journey seems to be organized chaos and this blog will capture all of my experiences along the way. So let's go!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. You have such a cool background! Do you think you’d go into something food science-y? It would be fun to work in a kitchen all day!

    • Hey Dani, thanks! I’m an expeditionist and love exploring life through health and wellness. I plan on helping others to get the most out of life using food and nutrition as my platform. To be honest I plan on creating my own lane, discovering myself as I continue to discover the world and helping others to do the same. So I certainly won’t be in the kitchen all day, lol.

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